Dearest Customers,

We have too much stuff in our San Francisco office... so we're holding a Yard Sale! This is your once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of Social Print Studio. We're doing this for one week only! 

Haggling is encouraged and local pickup is free/highly preferred. Except for the SPS T-shirts, we'll ship those anywhere.

And so without further yardo....

What's cookin' in the SPS Yard?
Here are some of our "Hot Items" that you can own:
Giant Squid - $5 per tentacle.
Basket of Mice - $3 per mouse
TweetDeck - $140
Official SPS Shirt - $10 each
(we have tons! multiple sizes!)

& so much more!
Mosey on down to our Yard Sale
Thanks Forever,
Cat, Mira, George, Tim + SPSteam

p.s. You might ask, why are we holding a yard sale instead of adding new products and features to our website and app? We can hardly move there's so much stuff in our office! Also, new products and features coming soon...

p.p.s. Everything must go!

Social Print Studio
275 8th St.
San Francisco
CA 94103