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Wood you believe it, you can print photos on wood! Yes indeed your digital photos can be rendered on tree flesh in an uncanny fashion. You may have been vaguely aware that such wizardry was possible, but now you can do it with your trusted print-source Social Print Studio.

Venture into the Wood Prints

So how does a photo look printed on wood? We don't paint the wood white first like some wood printers in the eCommerce forest. Our Wood Prints have a natural finish, meaning they show the grain of the wood through your photo depending on how light an image you choose. Here's a gif demo!

More details on our new woody goodies:
  • 5 sizes available.
  • Printed on FSC-certified sustainable Maple Wood.
  • Ready to mount on your wall.
  • Cheaper than the first two Google hits for "print on wood".
  • We're currently ranked 75th.
Take our Wood Prints for a spin
Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Mira, + SPSteam
p.s. Oh yeah and we haven't mentioned the smell. Wood Prints smell so good. Like an autumnal cologne custom-made for His Excellency, the Duke of Fall or something.

p.p.s. Shoutout to Luke Lamp Co for providing us with the cool lamp in the first image.

p.p.p.s. Ben would like to point out that we have a wooden version of our heart logo hanging above our office door and that this now seems like a relevant piece of marketing material. Here it is:


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