Got walls? We've got them covered. In prints!!! We've launched a new product that literally fills walls: THE WALL FILLER. It's 30" x 45" of pure photo with no borders and no limits. Here's the same information in bullet points:

  • New product.
  • Fills walls.
  • 30" x 45" of pure photo.
  • No borders.
  • !!!
Wall Fillers are exclusively available now from our website Social Print Studio
Fill my walls!
Now let us "filler" you in on the details...


We made this product after someone asked us how they could fill their walls for the least amount of money. Maybe they were just angling for a discount on our Framed Prints, but we decided to make these instead. One big print at one bargain price. They're $40 each, which is cheaper than most other large printing options out there.
More Filler for your Dollar


We print each Wall Filler on the same high quality paper as our Posters and other Large Format Prints. That's thick 250gsm Kodak Premier photo paper with a lustre finish. They can be printed portrait, landscape, netscape, anyscape!
Only the best for your walls


We've found that basically any photo looks good on a Wall Filler. One of the first photos we printed was a Snapchat screenshot that George won't let us show you here (calls himself a professional) but it looked 💯. 

Some loose Wall Filler guidelines:

Recommended photo size: 4500px x 3000px
Minimum photo size: 1125px x 750px
How we've been doing it: YOLOpx x ROFLpx (clicks submit)
Take a leap of Filler

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCatMartin, + SPSteam

p.s. CONTEST: win a Wall-Filler. To enter, reply to this email with a photo so good that it needs to be printed in giant wall-filling fashion immediately as a matter of cultural importance. Make us a wall-filler we can't refuse.


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