Hey guys you know what sucks? Reality!

Sometimes you order some photo prints and they're not quite perfect. You might choose the wrong photo or size, you have to wait for them to get to your house, and then suddenly you need space for them; a shelf, a desk, a bit of wall; WHO HAS THIS STUFF

That's why we here at Social Print Studio have decided to take the printing experience to VIRTUAL REALITY

Wait... what?

Yes indeedy we've gone VR. Using cutting edge VR tech we've created the ultimate virtual printing experience. See in amazing detail a virtual Photobook of your photos, enjoy a mesmerizing Metal Print in thrilling 360 degrees, and decorate your virtual house with stunningly realistic 4K Frames, all without any of the cumbersome accessories like a house or prints!

Behold, Social Print Studio 2.0:

See your photos like never before, virtually printed and with an optional Disco Mode.

It's our greenest printing option, no physical resources used!
How it works...
  • Simply purchase "VR Print Studio" for your Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC-Vive, or SPS Delusion (recommended).
  • Plug in the funny goggle things.
  • Experience prints 2.0.
Don't have a VR headset? Generally confused? You can always buy some real prints.
The future of printing is here.
Thanks Forever,
TimCat, Mira, George, + SPSteam
p.s. If you're struggling to pay for your virtual prints, try getting a virtual job.


Social Print Studio
275 8th St.
San Francisco
CA 94103