It's Valentine's Day soon, the greatest time of the year for a company with a heart-shaped logo. Here at Social Print Studio we've been prepping like cupid's elves to print your most tender memories in an environment of 100% pure unbridled romance. Chris Isaak is playing, scented candles are burning, and casual Friday has become satin-bathrobe Friday. Now we're ready to reveal to you the following message of love:

Valentine's Day order deadline

  • U.S. lovers: Order before 5pm PST on Thursday February 4th to get your prints before February 14th. 
  • International lovers: You'll have to rely on your attractive accents and decent healthcare to woo this year. Or you can expedite your order at checkout and by emailing us.
The deadline stands for everything on our website and apps, including our brand new Panoramic Prints. There's no more time to lose...
Stick a rose between your teeth and hit PRINT!
We're giving away an undisclosed number of our beautiful red Framed Prints. To enter, send us a photo of whoever or whatever you love the most in the world. We will print and frame the finest entries and send them to you, wherever you are...

Entry ideas:
  • Picture of your loved ones.
  • Picture of your lunch.
  • Sleeping lover.
  • Sleeping stranger.
  • Sleeping lunch.
Show us what you love
You might be thinking: "Huh that's an okay competition, but I'm looking for something edgier..."
We're also giving away Metal Prints! This is the newest and slickest way to present the photograph you love the most. To win an 8x10 Metal Print with the photo of your choice, tell us your best Valentine's Day sob story.

Tragic examples:
  • Stood up for a date.
  • Alone with Netflix.
  • Alone with the Netflix buffering screen.
  • On a date, yet feeling lonelier than ever....
Our customer service team will nod along jadedly and select a winner or two...
Sob Stories 4 Metal

Not into these? Still not "The Bachelor" enough?

You could also win a candlelit dinner for two at SPS HQ in San Francisco, cooked and served to you by our team! To enter, send us your dream romantic dinner menu, the cheesier the better, and possibly an accompanying playlist. We will attempt to make it happen for you.

More details:

  • Some of our staff used to be professional chefs. 
  • Some of our staff still are professional food critics.
  • Some of our staff don't know this is even happening. 
  • We will not cover transportation to San Francisco...
  • ...but we can provide you with a date if necessary.
Enter to win a dinner of a lifetime.

Entries for all competitions close at 5pm PST on Thursday February 4th - also our U.S. Valentine's Day order deadline!

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam



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