To our beloved customers,

For all our years as a company, we've been working to bring our production home to California. This week we've finally done it! All prints and products that you order from Social Print Studio will now come either from our San Francisco HQ or from our new printshop in beautiful Santa Cruz. Booyah!

Becoming a better company takes work. Our shift to 100% US production is the result of months of planning, testing, printing, reprinting, and involved unprecedented volumes of fermented beverages. We believe that this change will better serve our community and our customers, wherever you are in the world. Our product prices have not changed, here's what has changed

  • Better quality-control of all our products.
  • Responsibly-sourced paper.
  • No more signed deliveries!
  • All orders ship from the same facility.
  • Fewer air-miles on your shipments: you have adventures, not your prints.
  • US shipping in 1 week or less.
  • International shipping in 2-4 weeks.
  • New expedite options at checkout - choose from USPS and FedEx.
  • The Boss on repeat, constant y'all!
  • Big step forward for our 2016 presidential campaign.

This has been our biggest accomplishment of the year and we're so excited to be able to tell you about it. Let us know if you have any feedback by hitting reply, or try out our new printers by making an order!

Go California Printin'!
Thanks Forever, 
BenCat, Jenny, + SPSteam

p.s. Yes, it's true. Your prints are now 100% American. As a result we are instigating tighter quality controls on your orders. Every photo must have a bald eagle, an apple pie and an undercover Canadian in it, or our All-American printers will not print it. Additionally, if you order a photo of a US president for printing, we will automatically frame it, regardless of what product you ordered.

Forward to a Patriot       UnSubscribe-A!  

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