To our beloved customers,

Last week we held our annual company Thanksgiving meal here at Social Print Studio and we owe it all to you! 

We are thankful to still be in business in 2015. For yet another year we failed to do any outreach marketing and advertising, or acquire any external investors. It's all because of our existing customers who come back to print with us time and again, that we were able to cook and share this meal in our own office. Thank you

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Things we are thankful for
By the SPS team:

  • "Gainful employment." - Animesh
  • "Working from home." - Rachyel
  • "People who can work from home and bake pies all day." - Chris
  • "Vague vacation policies." - Zack
  • "My fellow colleagues." - Everyone, drawing suspicions we'd all read the same wiki-how on speechmaking.
  • "Our new studio manager Emily." - Ben, CEO & former studio manager.
  • "Joe sending a drunker email than me this year." - Cat, writes these emails.
  • "Being safe and alive." - Joe
  • "Drake." - Martin
  • "Cool bosses." -  Adam, employee of the year.
  • "Our 3 amazing new products." - Hank, runner-up employee of the year.
  • "The pixel-y warmth of our digital fire." - Tim

Ultimately everyone was thankful to be a part of Social Print Studio and it's due to you, our customers, supporters, and friends. Wishing you all a safe and splendid Thanksgiving, and if you aren't in the USA or choose not to acknowledge this day, know that we thought about you anyway. 

Thanks(giving) Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam
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