Greetings ghoulies,

Horrifying news: we dressed up our website for Halloween! For one week only Social Print Studio has an evil twin.... Spooky Print Studio
Visit Spooky Print Studio
On Spooky Print Studio you can take a terrifying tour, enjoy gif treats, play tricks with virtual toilet paper, then raise your digital photos from the dead as any of our spooky print products!
Spooky Print Studio products
24 for $12
Ghostly Posters
from $25
$15 + Shipping from Area 51
$25 per horrifying tome
The prints have eyes - $10
Vampire Magnets
Live forever on your fridge - $14
Shop Spooky Print Studio... and live to tell the tale!

Thanks Forever, 
GeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam

p.s. We also made a terrifying Halloween Spotify playlist to accompany your website experience.

p.p.s. We're pretty sure this website will break. It's like when you put a lot of time and effort into a Halloween costume then spill punch on it in the first five minutes of wearing it, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

p.p.p.s. Potentially we may have put TOO much thought into this. It's hard to say at exactly what point Halloween went from "something we could mention in a marketing email" to the raison d'etre of an entire website redesign, but when we bought a posable skeleton for our office, there was no going back. We hope that you enjoy our site and that it brings out your inner child, the inner child with a lot of happy memories of past lives to print... Happy Halloween one and all!


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