NEW: Snapchat Prints - prints that disappear!

To our beloved customers, 

We're on Snapchat! At first we thought we were too old to use it but now we've decided it's the major 🔑  to engaging the next generation of Social Print Studio customers. This is why today we're launching Snapchat Prints - prints that disappear!

👻 Snap up some Snapchat Prints 👻

To develop Snapchat Prints, our team spent over 1,000 hours investigating print techniques, prototyping inks, and trying to understand Snapchat. We wanted to create a product that combined the ephemerality of Snapchat with the permanence of printing. We're stoked that we've finally got something to (not) show for it!

How Snapchat Prints work:

  1. Select photos for printing: your Snapchat snaps, goofy selfies, whatever!
  2. We'll print them with our state-of-the art vanishing ink.
  3. Receive your Snapchat Prints in the mail.
  4. Enjoy your photos for 5-10 seconds before they disappear before your eyes.
Finally, you can get all the fun of printing with none of the stress of choosing photos that will last forever!
🙏 Holy Snapchat-lingo! I'm in. 🙏
...or watch this video in the hope that it will explain things:
This bold marketing video has convinced me.
Thanks Forever, 
HankGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPS team

p.s. More upcoming products:

  • Tinder prints: print all your matches!
  • VR Prints: print in virtual reality!
  • Liquid prints?
p.p.s. State of the art printer:

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