You often ask us how to display your Social Print Studio prints. While we sell a few hand-crafted display items, we want to recommend a few more. We decided to sample some new print display options from alternative sellers around the internet, and we recruited our most sensitive team member Sad Keanu to help. Read on to see our favorites!

To be clear, we don't sell any of these products ourselves. They're all made by independent retailers (mostly Etsy sellers) and we're not receiving any commission from our endorsements. This is because we believe in supporting other small businesses. We also believe in showing you cool stuff with tiny 3D-printed figurines of popular internet memes. Guess we'll believe anything... 

The best album to display your Square Prints is the 12x12 Leather Album by We R Memory Keepers. We love its hefty size, epic leather binding, and because it reminds of us of where we used to keep our Magic: The Gathering cards.

Pairs with: Square Prints, these plastic sleeves, your grandmother's tears of joy.

Sad Keanu rating: "My sad times never looked so good."

p.s. There's a smaller 4x4 album from the same company, in case your coffee table is more of an espresso table.

Accordions aren't just the reason you can't rewatch Amelie, they also make great photo albums! Our favorite accordion book is the Map Accordion Book by Kowaikuma. It fits 10 Square Prints perfectly and the beautiful map binding taught us some geography, like where France is.

Pairs with: Square Printsphoto corners, all your travel photos.

Sad Keanu rating: "This book is almost small enough to fit every happy memory I have."

More books: This accordion book by Rose Paperie is a more compact option or the 5x5 Instagram Album by Campbell Raw Press gives a nice bit of space around each of your prints.

Your Giant Photostrips display-conundrum ends with this this 9" hanger by Clever Hanger Shop. It's a little finicky to assemble, but you can use the two wooden slats on a single set of photostrips and hang them both with the included twine - huzzah!

Pairs withGiant Photostrips, a sense of unbridled relief that you've finally found a good hanger for these.

Sad Keanu rating:  

Alt. multifunctional hangers: Skirt hangers and office-binder clips also work with our Giant Photostrips.

It's hard to believe that we've been selling posters for 4 years and never found a poster hanger as good as the Walnut Poster Hanger by Zack & Jill. It's beautifully hand-crafted from hardwood, has handy hooks installed on the back, and immediately after assembling it we paraded it around the office like a new haircut.

Pairs with: Poster, rustic chic decor, an inclination to put inverted commas around the words "rustic chic".

Sad Keanu rating: "So sad... that I only found this now."

Honorable mention: Surprisingly, the first Google hit when you search for "poster hanger" is also a pretty great option.

Thanks Forever, 
BenCat, Joe, George + SPSteam

p.s. Like any of these products? Think we should sell them on our own website? Let us know your favorite and we'll see what we can do...

p.p.s. Not sure if the whole "Sad Keanu" thing is over now. We peaked at internet in 2010. Feel free to send us some fresh memes for our next marketing efforts so we can pretend to be cool again.

p.p.p.s. You can get your own Sad Keanu here


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