Greetings printheads,

We're throwing you a curve ball today with our latest mind-bending new product: ROUND PRINTS! Run in circles for joy, for now you can make Round Metal Prints of your photos, exclusively on our website Social Print Studio.
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Round Print Features
aka circle perks

  • Printed on 100% aluminium with a high gloss finish
  • Float hanger installed on back: ready-to-hang.
  • Great home decor: like magic portholes to your happiest memories.
  • Website exclusive, but coming soon to Print Studio app!
We recommend making yours while playing I Get Around by The Beach Boys.
Round, round, get around, I get a Round Print!
Thanks Forever,
Cat, Mira, George, Ben, + SPSteam
p.s.  Mira would like you to know that she as the anatomically correct number of arms and the picture above is a deliberate distortion. Please don't give her more things to hold.
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