Hello there friends,

Exciting new business twist: After talking with Instagram's lawyers, we've got to change the name of our beloved site Printstagram. It will henceforth be known as The Site Formerly Known as Printstagram – that is, until we get a better name. 

For this, we need your help! This is a competition! The winner will get a priceless sense of creative fulfillment and free prints for life, probably. Send us your ideas.

Here are some guidelines for entry to RENAME PRINTSTAGRAM:

  • Name must get us into legal trouble, but not for at least 2 years.
  • Name must be a pun on a famous musician
  • Name must be a pun generally
  • Name must be a future failed band name.
  • Name must conjure Beetlejuice if spoken 3 times.
  • Name must include one special character.
  • Name must be more beautiful in Spanish.
  • Name must have a walking score of 89.
  • Name must be an available Twitter handle.
  • Name must reference a Bill Murray role.
  • Name must be both a noun and a verb.
  • Name must be something your mother once whispered into your ear.
  • Name must be appropriate for the back of a boat.
  • Name must have a corresponding gif.
  • Name must strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and hope into the hearts of the fair citizens of Gotham.
  • Name must bear some kind of relation to printing and photos. Just kidding!

These are just guidelines. We'll consider anything, and in fact, it might be better if you ignore the guidelines and just give us some great name ideas :-) 

Reply to this email with your ideas for a new name for Printstagram and we shall reward all the best and brightest....

Thanks Forever, 
BenCat, Martin, TaymoorGeorge + SPSteam


p.s. To give you an idea of how we're doing on our own, the current leading rename contender is "Tomato Prints".

p.p.s. Also, to give you some context: throughout the history of the SPS we have changed our name on multiple occasions. We used to be "PrintingFacebook.com" which had a few issues with it. Then we were "Social PrintShop", which had some less apparent issues. Finally we opened Printstagram and things seemed good for a while. We were only semi-embarrassed to say the name of our website out loud. But now in time-honored tradition we are changing it, moving on, and never looking back

p.p.p.s. We can't promise that the newly renamed Printstagram will be anything like the current Printstagram. If you're feeling nervous, get all your 100% pure Printstagram prints while you still can!

p.p.p.p.s. Don't think we should change our name? Are you a lawyer? Apply to represent us here.

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