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We need your help spreading the good word of Social Print Studio! We've given you a $5 referral link to our website and app. Share it with your friends and you'll get $5 in credit whenever someone uses it to order our beautiful photo prints for the first time!

To find your unique $5 referral link:

  1. Sign in to your Social Print Studio account on our website or app Print Studio.
  2. Click "Get $5".
  3. Find your $5 link to share with your friends!

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Claim your $5 referral link

You'll get $5 in Social Print Studio credit every time someone makes a purchase with your link, which you can spend on anything on our website or app.

  • If you refer 5 people, you'll get $25 in credit.
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  • If you refer 10,000 people, it will probably be cheaper for us to just hire you.

Share your link any way that you choose: post it on your blog, shave it on your dog, make it your Pokemon Go nickname, whatever you kids are doing these days!

Let's go referring!

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam
p.s. Also, if you need ideas on how to go about this referral racket...
Who to refer to Social Print Studio
(with pros and cons)
Refer a friend.
Pro: You both get a sweet deal on prints.
Con: Now friend knows where you get all their gifts from.
Refer your mom.
Pro: Catch up with mom.
Con: She might print photos from your AFI phase.
Skywrite your link!
Pro: In the sky!
Con: URL hard to make out in vapor trails.

Instagram your link!
Pro: Seems like a relevant place for this kind of thing.
Con: Might be mistaken for an ad.

Wave a sign with your link in the background of the Today show.
Pro: Plenty of exposure.
Con: Have to wake up early.
Tattoo your link!
Pro: We will love you forever.
Con: We will love you. FOREVER.

Refer your cat.
Pro: Quality time with cat.
Con: Our site doesn't accept payment in dead spiders.

Refer people on dating websites.
Pro: They might fall in love with you.
Con: They might print screenshots of your messages.

Refer Bill Murray.
Pro: Bill Murray.
Con: We could never live down Bill Murray not liking our service/None.

Don't refer anyone.
Pro: Keep Social Print Studio as your delicious secret. 
Con: This not an option.
p.p.s. ...and if you have any questions or concerns about our referral program, hit reply to this email!

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