Rare deal alert! - 

TGIFiest of Fridays to ye!

We updated our beloved app Post. If you haven't downloaded it yet, it's an app for sending "real postcards" direct from your iPhone to anyone in the USA (including military addresses).

Here's what's new in Post version 1.3...

Feat. those mysterious "unattributed quotations" you sometimes see on signs.

  1. Envelopes are gone - "We're in a post-envelope world now..."
  2. New photo editing tools - "Make a work of art!"
  3. ALL POSTCARDS $1 FOR 1 WEEK ONLY - "It's basically a dollar store!"
$1 postcards with code: NEWPOST
The NEWPOST code can be used multiple times, and will expire at 5pm PST on 1/27.

Need more details?
"Explain yourself!"
  1. No one liked the envelopes - We received many comments about the envelopes: how they looked like junk mail, how they deprived the recipient the classic "getting a postcard" feel, how they hid the photo behind a screen of bureaucracy, and lo we slew the demon envelope!
  2. Edited photos print better - Digital photos can look darker when printed. We added in-app tools so you can increase the brightness and contrast on your images, as well as other fun effects like vignettes, hearts, and mustaches.
  3. We want you to try it out - so we're offering you an exclusive "subscriber offer" of $1 postcards for 1 week only. Simply use coupon code NEWPOST at checkout! 
Postcards for $1

Thanks Forever,
BenCat, Mira, George, + SPSteam

p.s. You can find Post by searching "Post" in the App Store and scrolling past various incongruous apps about zombies.

p.p.s. Please reply to this email if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to make us feel less lonely.

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