We're doing this. And this time it's for real.
Order a pillowcase printed with your favorite photo, exclusively from Social Print Studio! Dreams do come true...

Pillow Talk
  • The Price: Each pillowcase is $15 + shipping.
  • The Pillowcases: The pillowcases are white, standard size, hypoallergenic, and supersoft!
  • The Additional Details: They're only available for one week!
We're fulfilling all these in our San Francisco studio and will ship them late February.
Pillow Ideas:
  • A photo of your sweetie.
  • A photo of your pet who is not allowed in your bed.
  • A photo of your pet dressed as your sweetie.
  • Your favorite food (that's not allowed in your bed).
  • Your to-do list.
  • A list of your enemies for you to recite over and over before you go to sleep a la Arya Stark.
  • Anything you want!
I will not sleep 'til I order my Pillowcase!

Thanks Forever,
BenCat, Mira, George, + SPSteam
p.s. For an extra $4.20, Tim will trace around your pillowcase photo in Photoshop using his special design mousepad thing so it's printed with no background, like this. Email hello@sps.io for more details...

Social Print Studio
275 8th St.
San Francisco
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