Greetings from the top of a mountain,

We've always been a big picture company and now we're printing the biggest pictures we know: PANORAMAS! You can finally print your panoramic photos in all their glory exclusively on our website Social Print Studio and we offer two beautiful styles....

1. Paper Panoramic Prints - Your panorama will be printed on the same premium luster photo-paper as our Large Format Prints, only a glorious 36" in length! These are simple to hang with office binder clips or your adhesive of choice, and look fantastic above your mantle or bed. 
Print My Spectacular Sunset

2. Metal Panoramic Prints - That's one big sheet of aluminium with your panoramic photo rendered ultra-vividly on it with a high gloss finish. Each metal panorama is complete with a float hanger installed on the back, majestic and ready for your wall! 
Metal My Scenic Vista

You might be thinking: What is a panorama and what qualifies as a panoramic photo according to your website's engineers?

Panorama, n., comes from the latin panor meaning "to gaze about in wonder and then take out your cell phone." And here's our...

Acceptable Panorama Specs
(according to our web engineers who have never been outdoors.)

  • Your panorama should be at least 1200 x 3600px in size.
  • It should be a JPEG file.
  • A .jpeg is the same as a .jpg
  • Ideal aspect ratio = 3:1.
  • It should contain the glory of nature and the mysteries of the universe.
  • Ideal tree-to-mountain ratio = 5:1.
  • Must capture the spirit of Pan.
  • Something about Jeff Bridges.
  • Please let me see the sun.
If you don't have any more questions, here's the button to press!
I'm ready to print something looooooooooooooooooong
Oh yeah, you might have one more question, and the answer is:
***Panoramic Prints are coming soon to our iOS app!***

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam

p.s. Actually you might have another question, and the answer is: it would take 4.3 million Panoramic Prints to circumnavigate the earth, and yes, we would offer a bulk discount for an order of this size.

p.p.s. ...and if you have any more questions, just hit reply to this email!


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