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Happy new year!
(it's not too late to say that right?!)

We've spent the last few days rounding up our 2015 resolutions from the paddock of your dreams. First on the list was to send at least one email newsletter this year and we did it! Only 300-something days left to achieve the rest of our... 

SPS Resolutions 2015

  1. Unify, Simplify... Make everything better.
  2. Focus on our beloved customers. 
  3. Update our Android App.
  4. Launch an iPad app.
  5. Plant 20,000 trees.
  6. Make it simple to save your work and re-order.
  7. Invent some groundbreaking new products!
  8. Stay independent.
  9. Stay small.
  10. Stay foolish!

If you have any requests, now's the time to tell us. We want to respond to your dreams and desires this year more than ever. Hit reply and make requests now, while we're too weak to say no! 

Looking back on 2014, it was a year of many triumphs and compromises, but the highlight by far was not going out of business for another year. We owe it all to you! 
*Very real hugs*!

Thanks Forever, 
Ben, Greg, + SPSteam
p.s. Here's a few of our 2015 Resolutions that we probably won't be keeping:
  1. Telepathic customer service.
  2. Wear a suit, tie, and monocle to work every day.
  3. Train an office cat to sense if the site is down.
  4. Free climb El Capitan's Dawn Wall.
  5. Don't drink and code.
  6. Be a perfect company.
  7. Limit unnecessarily long p.s. sections in our emails.

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