Social Print Studio New Stuff
Social Print Studio New Stuff
Calendar Time!

(Wear your naked body, or someone else's.
This is George, our co-founder, wearing our founder Benjamin Lotan's nude tee.)

Here at Social Print Studio we're all about transparency and openness. We've been wearing our hearts on our sleeves for so long we've can barely raise our hands anymore they're so loaded down with love. So it's only natural that our next step in our fight against the opaque is to start wearing our naked bodies on our chests. 

As of today, April 1st, every employee has been given their own NAKED SELFIE SHIRT and today we'd like to open it up to you, our most loyal customers. 

Here's the deal.

  • Come by our studio.
  • We'll take your nude photo in a tasteful style on a closed set.
  • We'll print it on a T-shirt for you to wear.
  • Finally you can be at peace with the world.


Nakedly Yours,

SPS Team

PS. you may think this is an April Fools' Day kind of thing... but we are oh so serious and the real joke is the fact that you can actually order one of these. 

*Terms & Conditions: Must be over 18 to order + No prudes ;-) This is a spiritual journey from which you will grow like the beautiful butterflies you are. We censored the above photo. Your photo will not be censored.

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P.S. All orders must be followed through. No joke.