Help guys,

We have a lot of prototypes of potential Social Print Studio products, but we're not sure which ones to actually launch. This is where the power of your clicks comes in. If you want us to offer any of these products, click the button to vote for it and we'll try to make it happen! You can vote multiple times! Consider yourself an SPS superdelegate...

Like, in the next few months.
Full-bleed Greeting Cards?
Make your holidays high-res.
Vote Greeting Cards
Larger Stickers?
Bigger, stickier.
Vote Big Stickers
Monthly Calendars?
Print your own pin-ups.
Vote Calendars
Wood Prints?
Grainy = good.
Vote Wood
Mini Softcover Photobook?
Half the size of our classic one.
Vote Lil' Softie
Custom photo cookies?
A tasty way to eat your face.
Vote Cookies
Postcard Packs?
12 or so postcards in a pack.
Vote Postcards
Print Hangers?
For Posters and Giant Photostrips.
Vote Hangers
Giant "Wall-Filler" Print?
1. Big. Print.
Vote Wall-Filler

Finally, if you have any strong feelings about the above, reply to this email. We want to hear your thoughts...

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam
p.s. This is just how business decisions get made these days right? We hope you appreciate this insider's look into a 21st century printing company.

p.p.s. Okay, one more new product option: Campaign Buttons? Large 3" photo buttons, just in time for election season? This is our founder Ben's choice. 👍 Vote the founder's choice.👍

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