We've never done this before and it might never happen again: everything on our iPhone and iPad app Print Studio is now 15% off! 

The discount is exclusively available on our app and will be automatically applied to your order at checkout, provided you have the latest version (4.1.1). It will last until 11.59pm PDT on May 8th (Mother's Day).

Get 15% off on Print Studio!

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin,
Social Print Studio team

p.s. Discount cannot be used with any other gift card or account credit.

p.p.s. This is an experiment. We don't generally offer discounts because we like to keep our prices fair and low everyday, but an opportunity arose with Apple to try a new app feature and we're giving it a shot! Please reply to this email if you encounter any issues, and let us know how you feel about this type of promotion generally. We want to hear your thoughts!

p.p.p.s. Also, since this is the first time we've done this, we may have made some basic errors. We might have taken 16% off accidentally. Only one way to find out!


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