If you're going to pull a Bieber and delete your Instagram, we've got your back. Now you can print every photo in your Instagram account in a single click, with our amazing new printing option: THE MEMORY BOX

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Fig. 1. The Process
What you're looking at here is our custom Memory Box maker. It uploads all your Instagram photos at once, and calculates the cost of printing them. We price per print: $0.30 per square Instagram photo and $0.25 per non-square photo. This is cheaper than our regular printing options, like 40% cheaper!

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Fig. 2. Boxy McBox.

This isn't a stock photo of an urn, this is the eponymous box! Every Memory Box order comes with a handcrafted wooden box, branded with a heart signifying "Social Print Studio wuz here". If you don't see our heart logo on your box, please do not open it. It could contain anything!

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Fig. 3. The Prints

Aaand here's the whole deal: all your Instagrams professionally printed as sturdy Square Prints and Miniprints, safe from the internet and in your hands.
Check out this Memory Box thing

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCatMartin, + SPSteam

p.s. Feeling some deja #tbt? Probably because we originally launched this product in 2012. Back then it didn't come with a box, but it did come with the tagline "Instagram just got bought by Facebook, who knows what's in store for the future..." the sort of fear-based marketing we used to excel at. Now we know what was in store. We all continued to use Instagram, and so we discontinued the product. Now we've decided to reboot it after realizing that there is still some demand. And also we had a box this time. Hope you like it!

p.p.s. More new products coming soon!


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