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Getting your prints up on your wall just got easier!
Getting your print displays up on your walls just got easier!
Two new display kits on PRINTSTAGRAM and PRINT STUDIO.....

Hey you guys!

We love seeing all the DIY displays you make with your prints so much that we've decided to make it even easier for you to make them! We've added some adorable new accessories to help show off your prints. Introducing:

Aaaand all the same lovable concrete blocks, wood blocks, little frames, big frames, stickers, unicorns, and prints that we've been selling since time immemorial....

We hope that you like them. We were going to send this email before the weekend, but Friday was Independence Day here in America, and most us decided to start our weekend after we lost in the World Cup (Tim Howard tho...). Plus we thought we'd hold out until you'd taken some amazing photos from your SPECTACULAR FOURTH OF JULY

Every time we print a photo of a firework we set off a party-popper in our office. That's just standard printing procedure. So if you took any good shots this weekend, be sure to send them to us :-) We spent our 4th of July weekend enjoying all the pleasures that this beautiful land has to offer, hope you did too!


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p.s. Our last email had a significant typo in it. We went through many stages of typo remorse before deciding to embrace mistakes. Find one in this email and we'll do something good for you...;-)