Greetings alive ones, we're on Live Chat
and for TODAY ONLY, you can watch us Live Chat – Live!

In an effort to improve your printing experience, we have added Live Chat to our website's Help Desk. This means that while you get your print fix, you can also get:  
  • Faster support.
  • Instant answers.
  • Gifs on demand.
  • Soothing emojis.
  • A new feeling of intimacy and connection with your favorite print shop.
To celebrate, we have put every member of the Social Print Studio team on Live Chat for one day only! From 11am to 2pm PST today, you can experience a bizarro world in which our Customer Service is composed entirely of eccentric CEOs, soft-hearted programmers, designers still spiritually at Burning Man, and people whose job title no one dares to ask. Come on chat and ask them anything!  
Suggested Live Chat Openers:
  • "Sup."
  • "a/s/l?"
  • "Fill my cart with printed wonders."
  • "Can you print my Tinder matches?"
  • "Help me order, but only through the medium of gifs."
  • "You had me at ' typing.'"

Got nothing to say? Have already said everything you could possibly ever say to us? Good news: you can also just watch us Live Chat, live on Periscope!
Chat With Us:
Watch Us Live!
(today only)

Thanks Forever, 
BenCat, Jenny, Laura, + SPSteam

p.s. If our Periscope link is no longer functioning, you can always follow our live tweets here, or watch our Nest cam here.

p.p.s.  ...and if our Nest cam link is no longer functioning, you can always watch Apocalypse Now here.

p.p.s. This could be our gateway drug to phone support....


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