Happy Leap Day one and all! This is the one day of the year when you're allowed to ask your favorite printshop to marry you. Here at Social Print Studio we are now accepting your marriage proposals, though preferably in the form of print orders.
Propose with prints? :-)

We had considered doing a "Leap Day Sale Special Once Every Four Years Site-wide 29% discount" but we're not really a mass sale kind of company. Also it seemed insufficiently quirky.

Instead we came up with....

29 ways to get a 29% discount* 
from Social Print Studio

  1. Forward this email to 29 people and bcc hello@sps.io.
  2. Stack all the products you've ever purchased from us and make a video of yourself leaping over it.
  3. Write us a Leap Day song and send us a video of you performing it.
  4. Tweet about our company 29 times today.
  5. Post 29 photos of your prints on your Instagram.
  6. Prank call our CEO with 29 different phoney characters.
  7. Send us a photo of yourself with young Ja Rule, who is celebrating his 10th birthday today.
  8. Send us the best "Leap Year fact" we can bore our colleagues with.
  9. Come to our San Francisco office and cook us up a traditional Leap Day dinner.
  10. Create a Batman-style beacon light of our heart logo and project it from the roof of your house.
  11. Propose to us using only 29 words.
  12. Meet us on Baker Beach at sunset on February 29th 2020 (and propose).
  13. Ship your order to Anthony, TX: Leap Year Capital of the World.
  14. Change your legal name to "Leigh Pierre".
  15. Happen to already be named "Leigh Pierre".
  16. Give us your Netflix password. We will send you $7.99 gift card per month. 
  17. Give us your HBO Now password and we won't get back to you for 3 months.
  18. Turn your high-jumping pet into an SPS brand ambassador.
  19. Link us to your Amazon review of the movie "Leap Year".
  20. Send us your Quantum Leap fan fiction.
  21. Give us an extra special case of the Mondays.
  22. Describe in detail how you will be wasting this extra day in your precious life.
  23. Deliver anything** to Social Print Studio, 275 8th St. San Francisco before 5pm PST today.
  24. Be born today.
  25. Be born yesterday and forever bitter about your exclusion from the elite Honor Society of Leap Day babies.
  26. Send us a series of gifs that illustrate how mad you are to discover that you're working an extra day for free today.
  27. Prove via your Netflix history that you watched the "Leap Day" episode of 30 Rock four times while at your unpaid extra day of work today.
  28. Take a leap of faith and do nothing. Maybe we'll just reward you randomly.
  29. Be the first to use any of the single-use $29 gift codes hidden in the ps of this email.

*must email hello@sps.io TODAY to claim prize. Discount will be valid through 3/31/16.

Quit leaping, start printing!
Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin
Social Print Studio team

p.s. 6311-6059-4353-0417 ● 8319-6042-1757-7156 ● 0069-8512-9422-8320 ● 1782-4740-8357-7233 ● 5979-4961-6443-1216 ● 1564-3431-2101-4553 ● 7861-5988-6853-6998 ● 2583-7683-6841-6961 ● 2031-3329-9600-4321 ● 1328-0446-9095-1564 ● 9808-2487-7245-2060 ● 9220-1339-7726-8572 ● 8767-2857-4588-6922 ●  4-8-15-16-23-42 ● 4007-0811-6136-6880 ● 8658-2949-0356-7446 ● 1973-8380-6169-8886 ● 8730-5427-4103-4454 ● 2643-3180-7630-0622 ● 8128-5087-0214-4319 ● 1921-9401-2651-7142 ● 4448-4982-5100-0674 ● 2246-1496-4199-1899 ● 5839-5011-8385-1048 ● 1588-6712-3345-0660 ● 5221-7788-9728-0980 ● 4641-4082-1753-1519 ● 1214-4500-5653-1260 ● 6927-2549-2354-6887 ● 5546-8089-3978-3158


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