Dear SPS friends,

Glorious news: Social Print Studio is hiring! And we need your help getting the word out. If you're in the Bay Area, have friends here, or if the only thing preventing you from moving to the Bay Area was not having a job at our company, read on...

We are currently seeking all of the following:

If you want a little insight into how you could get one of these coveted positions, here's how our past hires did it...

How to get a job at Social Print Studio

1. Be a customer

We hired Meaghan to our customer service team after she bought prints from us multiple times and persistently commented on our Instagram. Your journey to gainful employment can begin today.

Get prints!

2. Sell us your app

We found our iOS developer Apisit after we purchased his photo-sharing app Jupiter. If you have an independent under-used app and want to sell it to us along with 40 hours of your life every week, we're interested!


3. Leech off our wifi

We let friend-of-a-friend Alex use the wifi in our studio for a few weeks before asking him to build our Android app. Got skills and need some sporadic wifi in the Bay Area?

150mpbs to employment.

4. Reply to a Craigslist ad

We still advertise all our positions in the netherworlds of Craigslist since our two founders Ben and George met there.

I'm ready to risk everything.

5. Drink with us

The benefits of coming to our company Happy Hours included Costco cheese platters, PBR, healthcare, vision, dental and full-time employment, as Jenny can attest to.

Come to our next Happy Hour!

6. Live with us

Kyle was our roommate when we managed the whole company out of a small house in Berkeley. After about 3 months he asked us what we were up to...

I'll sleep anywhere.

7. Intern for us

Tara, Luke, Adam, and Zack were all interns turned-full time staff. Actually they're all still interns. We're bringing dignity back to the word intern. 

Intern for life!

7. Be a dog

Woof? Hired.

See our jobs page

Thanks Forever, 
Ben, Cat, MartinGeorge, + SPSteam

p.s. Test our hiring practices by making us work - get prints!

p.p.s. Shoutout to the gif connoisseur for the gifspiration. 

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