Cracking news:

Easter is coming and so we've decided to hold an Easter egg hunt! Find eggs scattered about our website Social Print Studio for special treats. You could find an egg that gets you $5 off, an egg that gets you 20% off, or a bad egg that adds $10 to your order because we gotta make up the numbers somehow...

Eggs cannot be combined and will be valid until noon PST on Easter (4/16). Happy hunting!

Gotta hatch 'em all

Also, if you want prints by Easter, order by noon PST tomorrow (4/6) with standard U.S. shipping. Our adorable Tinybooks fit perfectly inside of plastic eggs, and if you leave a Metal Print in the sun long enough you could probably cook an omelette on it. We're not sure if "Easter prints" is a thing, but we're trying to make it one. :-)
Thanks Forever,
TimCat, Mira, George, + SPSteam
p.s. Our egg hunt only works on our website and not on mobile/app, sorry!

p.p.s George found this hashtag he would like to share with you.

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