Hello Friends, 
You might have noticed that we never send out discounts or coupon codes. The truth is that some businesses inflate their prices artificially and then continuously push deals and discounts to drive urgency. We don't believe in doing business this way. Today, we have no special deals, and you can trust that whatever you just bought won't be on sale tomorrow. Everyday is a deal! The deal is beautiful prints at honest prices all year round.

Have a fantastic day and may you always print in peace

Hugs and Thanks forever, 
Jenny, Cat, BenMartin + SPSteam


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p.s. hope that this email doesn't come off as self-righteous... Honestly we're not sure if this is a good business model. We appreciate that sales and discounts work, and we have definitely made some impulsive decisions ourselves :-) Maybe if we made shipping free for 24 hours and created an artificial urgency to your online purchases we could #makeitrain. But that's not our style. We want our website experience to be serene and beautiful, like a spa treatment in an oasis of prints. We want to gain your love without discounts. No special deals, no mouse pads, no flash sales. Forever and ever... That said, we may change at some point in the future and sell out like all your favorite bands did ;-) So don't take any chances and buy now! Before Walmart buy us! Buy buy buy

p.p.s. "You must only try to realize the truth......  There is no deal".

p.p.p.s. If you have any thoughts, opinions, or advice on deals, please feel free to hit reply :-)

p.p.p.p.s. Here's a gif of us working on this email blast: