Greetings customers, friends, artists and thinkers,

Got big artistic dreams and 6-8 weeks to spare? Applications are now open to be Social Print Studio's 2015 Artist-in-Residence!

Social Print Studio was originally founded as an MFA project. Gradually we grew into the independent printing company that you know and love. In the spirit of remaining true to our roots, we've decided to host our second legitimate artist-in-residence in our San Francisco studio.

The residency begins in September and is open to all artistic disciplines. We're offering a $2000 stipend, a materials budget, assistance with travel, and the option to live right here in the studio! Please share widely with any artistic friends who might be interested, or take the plunge yourself into our inky waters. 

Apply Now
Thanks Forever, 
BenCat, Neil, Martin,+ SPSteam

p.s. Not an artist? We're also building a framework for a "Customer-in-Residence" program. If this sounds like the kind of thing you'd be interested in, reply to this email with the line: "The orders are coming from inside the building!" and we'll put you on our shortlist.

p.p.s. Make art with us the easy way by getting some prints. ;-)

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