Dear friends and app-lovers,

After 6 long months, we've finally updated our iPhone app Print Studio, rejoice!  Why did it take us so long? Well, we spent the first 5 months staring at this gif, and the last month working on all these new treats on Print Studio 2.2.0:

+ a redesigned home screen, Gift Cards at checkout and we squashed a few pesky bugs. Update now to enjoy!

This new update will bump all the nice reviews you've left for us in the App Store into a netherworld of "all versions", so we thought we'd share our favorites with you here. If you wrote any of these, email us, we have goodies for you!

Print Studio 2.2.0 won't just save your marriage, it will marry you.
Print Studio 2.2.0 is still ridiculous. Now in the app: Giant Photostrips!
Print Studio 2.2.0 can be used by pre-Paleolithic life (provided they have Apple Pay).
Deal. Take your pick!
How are things Matt?
A billion high fives to everyone who's ever used our app and particularly to those who left us feedback. We rely on your reviews to appear to be a real company for the uninitiated. Only you know the truth...

Thanks Forever, 
Ben, LauraCat, Adam + SPSteam

p.s. Review our new update in the App Store and we might immortalize you in a marketing email newsletter in about 6 months...

p.p.s. ...could be less than 6 months, we're hiring an iOS developer! Apply here.

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