Hello friends,

Here at Social Print Studio we believe in tangible experiences. We print digital photos. We make posters out of pixels, photo-books out of folders, and bad frozen wine lollies out of "foolproof" online recipes. In this spirit, we've decided to take the Social Print Studio experience to the next level. We put our company on Airbnb. Come spend the night in our office!

Social Print Studio Airbnb features:

  • Live the "San Francisco startup" dream.
  • Jam in our jam room.
  • Read in our reading room.
  • Sleep in our conference room.
  • Enjoy the shy attention of our 15 full-time staff/personal butlers.
  • Share communal meals with us.
  • Custom pillowcase printed of your own face (new product?)
  • 6000 sq. ft. of open-office to sleepwalk in.
  • Learn insider trade secrets about the direction of the print industry.
  • Spend the night in SF for cheaper than a hotel room.
  • Funny anecdote potential.
Why Airbnb? We're doing this because want to bring fresh energy into our workplace and spread the SPS love in weird new ways. Also, we've been longtime admirers of Airbnb's immaculate website design and UX. Rather than copying it on our own site, we decided to put our company on their site instead. Two birds, one marketing stunt! 
1 Night in Social Print Studio

Thanks Forever, 
BenCat, MartinJenny, + SPSteam
p.s. Other "tangible experiences" we offer: refrigerator data, artisan adhesives, and rodent reading materials.

p.p.s. We're genuinely considering custom-printed pillowcases of your own face as a new product. If you'd like one, please reply to this email with "good night, sweet prints" and a photo of your face. We will select 10 random winners and print them for you for free!

p.p.p.s. Finally, after a few words with our accountants/reality-checkers, we've decided that this will be the last of our "zany marketing stunts" this year. Thanks for your love, support, and endless patience.

Social Print Studio
275 8th St.
San Francisco
CA 94103