Greetings book-lovers,

Our new Softcover Photobooks are flying off the presses, and if the above photo is to be believed, flying period? We're worried that they're getting all the limelight, so we thought we'd pit them against our other two Social Print Studio photobooks. A photobook truel, if you will.

No time to google "truel", bring it on!
3 Ways To Photobook
from Social Print Studio.

First contender: the Softcover. The new kid on the photobook block, with the trendy recycled pages and a cover so soft you can take a nap on it. We're selling these for only $15 each, that's almost a movie ticket!
Price: $15.
Page size: 8" x 10".
Special features: 100% recycled pages, softness.
Good for: Trees.
Go Softcover!

Next up is our Hardcover. The first photobook we launched back when launching a photobook felt like landing on the printing moon. We've upgraded it since then to be our most customizable photobook, with optional captions and different layout options available on our website.

Price: $25.
Page size: 7" x 8.5".
Special Features: Captions, multiple layouts.
Good for: our egos circa. 2013.
The OG Photobook!

Final contender: the Album. Weighing in at almost 2lbs, bound in red cloth, and wearing a dust jacket like Frank Sinatra wears a tuxedo, this is our grandest photobook option, perfect for special occasions like inaugurating a coffee table.

Price: $60.
Page size: 8" x 10".
Special Features: Layflat pages, dust jacket.
Good for: Weddings, birthdays, squashing bugs.

Thanks Forever, 
BenGeorgeCat, Martin, + SPSteam
p.s. All photobooks are also available from our app Print Studio, except Softcovers on Android <--- they're coming soon!

p.p.s. Non-sequitur water-cooler conundrum: Do you know if Charlize Theron and Ryan Gosling have ever locked lips, onscreen or off? Or did we dream this? Any leads helpful...

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